When companies entrust Ryder with their critical fleet, transportation and supply chain functions, it's because they know that we have the best people in the industry working on their business.

Ryder People Make the Difference

We invest in our people because they’re fundamental to delivering what we promise to customers. Each and every day:

  • Over 7,000 of the safest professional drivers in the industry are on the roads representing Ryder and our customers’ brands.
  • Over 5,000 of the most well-trained commercial vehicle technicians are committed to keeping our customers' fleets up and running.
  • 7,400 of the most efficient warehouse employees ensure our customers’ products are in the right place, at the right time, in the right condition.
  • 250 of the brightest logistics engineers design the most efficient and responsive supply chain networks in the world.

These experts, along with thousands of other talented operations, sales and support specialists are part of a team of over 33,000 Ryder employees, all dedicated to collaborating with our customers and solving their problems.

Trained Technicians


Professional Drivers


Logistics Engineers


Warehouse Employees


    “Overall, Ryder shines because they definitely have a strong belief in a relationship and partnership. To find a company that shares our core belief in taking care of our customers - one that is willing to work on solutions and shares our sense of urgency - is rare. Ryder is that partner.” Steve Byers, President & Chief Operating Officer, WestAir Gases & Equipment

    “It's a journey of constant improvement and we are very glad to have Ryder with us on that journey.” Gregg Fleckinger, Distribution Engineer, FRAM

    “There's a lot of trust between the Royal and Ryder teams. Ryder understands our products, what we're trying to accomplish and how our business works. They're not just focused on getting freight onto trucks - they help us execute our business strategies and achieve our business goals.” Jim Billings, Director of Supply Chain Management at Royal Building Products
  • GROW

    “Working with Ryder has been a huge factor in our being able to grow our business 12 times over in the 1990s and 4 times over, so far, in the 2000s.” Leo J. Meehan, III, President & CEO, W.B. Mason