Ryder operates behind the scenes, managing critical fleet, dedicated transportation, and supply chain functions for over 50,000 customers that make the products that consumers use every day.

Fleet Management Solutions (FMS)

Fleet Management Solutions provides a broad range of services to help businesses of all sizes, across virtually every industry, deliver for their customers. From leasing, maintenance, and fueling, to commercial rental and used vehicle sales, customers rely on Ryder’s expertise to help them lower their costs, redirect capital to support their core business, and focus on what they do best – so they can grow.

Fleet Management Solutions Fact Sheet


Dedicated Transportation Solutions (DTS)

Dedicated Transportation Solutions combines the best of Ryder’s leasing and maintenance capabilities with the safest and most professional drivers in the industry. With a dedicated transportation solution, Ryder helps customers increase their competitive position, reduce risk, and integrate their transportation needs with their overall supply chain.

Dedicated Transportation Solutions Fact Sheet


Supply Chain Solutions (SCS)

Supply Chain Solutions optimizes logistics networks to make them more responsive and able to be leveraged as a competitive advantage. Globally-recognized brands in the automotive, consumer goods, food and beverage, healthcare, oil and gas, technology, industrial and retail industries rely on Ryder's leading-edge technologies and world-class logistics engineers to help them deliver the goods that consumers use every day.

Supply Chain Solutions Fact Sheet